top 10 places near Pawna Lake that offer diverse experiences for travelers:

top 10 places near Pawna Lake

  1. Dinosaurs Park, Lonavala
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  • Dinosaurs Park near Pawna Lake is a fascinating mini-Jurassic park spread over six and a half acres. It features 36 life-size animatronic dinosaur figures, making it an exciting destination for families and dinosaur enthusiasts. The interactive exhibits and well-designed park environment provide an educational and entertaining experience for all ages.
  1. Lohagad – Visapur Fort
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  • Lohagad Fort, located near Pawna Lake, stands at an elevation of 1033 meters. This historical fort is popular for hiking and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and landscapes. Its rich history, marked by various dynasties occupying it, makes it a significant landmark. The nearby Visapur Fort, equally historical, is often visited together with Lohagad, providing a combined trekking and exploration experience.
  1. Dudhiware Waterfall
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  • Dudhiware Waterfall, a beautiful natural attraction near Pawna Lake, adds freshness and thrill to any visit. It is particularly spectacular during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak. The waterfall is a favorite spot for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, offering activities such as rappelling and trekking.
  1. Prati Pandharpur
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  • Prati Pandharpur, located near Pawna Lake, is a tranquil religious site designed to replicate the famous Pandharpur temple. This spiritual place offers peace and tranquility, making it a valuable addition to your visit. The serene environment is perfect for meditation, prayer, and experiencing a sense of spiritual calm.


  1. Tikona Fort
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  • Tikona Fort, also known as Vitandgad, is a prominent historical fort is another places near Pawna Lake. It is considered a gem of Pune due to its unique triangular shape and historical significance. The fort offers panoramic views of Pawna Lake and the surrounding landscape, making it a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts and history buffs.
  1. Tung Fort
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  • Tung Fort, also referred to as Kathingad, is another remarkable fort which is another places near Pawna Lake. Situated near Pawna Dam, it is known for its challenging trekking trails and stunning views of the surrounding area. The fort’s steep climbs and breathtaking vistas make it a must-visit for adventure seekers and those interested in historical sites.
  1. Shinde Wadi Hills
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  • Shinde Wadi Hills, a beautiful hill station which is another places near Pawna Lake, is perfect for a peaceful getaway. The hills offer lush greenery, scenic views, and a tranquil environment, ideal for picnics, nature walks, and relaxation. It’s an excellent spot to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the region.
  1. Bedse Caves
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  • The ancient Bedse Caves, located near Pawna Lake, date back to the 1st century BC. These Buddhist rock-cut caves are a must-visit for history enthusiasts. The caves feature intricate carvings, stupas, and

prayer halls that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region. Exploring the Bedse Caves offers a fascinating glimpse into the architectural and spiritual history of ancient India.

  1. Hadshi Temple
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  • Hadshi Temple, situated in a picturesque setting near Pawna Lake, is a serene and beautiful temple complex dedicated to Lord Vitthal. The temple is surrounded by lush greenery and provides a peaceful atmosphere for meditation and prayer. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil environment and the scenic beauty of the location, making it a perfect spot for spiritual reflection.
  1. Bhaja Waterfall
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  1. Bhaja Waterfall, located near the Bhaja Caves and close to Pawna Lake, is a mesmerizing natural attraction. The waterfall is particularly captivating during the monsoon season when it flows in full force. It’s an ideal destination for nature lovers, offering scenic beauty and opportunities for trekking and exploring the nearby ancient caves. The combination of the waterfall and the historic caves makes it a unique and enriching experience for visitors.

These places near Pawna Lake offer a blend of historical, natural, and spiritual attractions, providing a diverse and enriching experience for all types of travelers.

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